Five Star Trailers Manufacturing Inc. | Call: (559) 498-0337 | 190 N Thorne Ave. Fresno, CA 93706

Five Star Trailers is a Family Owned Business with 20 Years of experience in the trailer’s manufacturing field in Central California.

We know that choosing the manufacturer of a trailers is one of the most important decisions for our clients, since their productivity and money plays an important role in their daily activities.

Because of our previous and always constant interaction with our wide range of community business and owners, we can understand their needs better since we have been there in the farms, landscaping, building trades and so forth…

Five Star Trailers has produced hundreds of projects for dealers, small business and single owners with great results because of the great quality and reliability. And, because of this, 70% of our projects are customized and we have the same percentage of returning clients or references. That is one of the highest percentages in any industry!

You can count the owner will be there to help you design your project with ease and have a personalized following until delivery is complete because we think that business is not only about work and money, therefore, most of the times we became the best friends.

We will make every effort to have your product on time based on the quality you deserve. The usual time is 30 days depending on how detailed is your design. And we’ll be there afterwards for any unusual inconvenient you might have. Yet, we haven’t had any mayor claim for our work since we opened for business.

Finding a Dependable Company Isn’t Easy!

The most common complaints are:

Low Quality Metal.

Not having the product on time.

Do Not comply with the required specifications.


Do not comply with the written guaranty.


Treat the client as a one-time buyer.


Five Star Trailers will make sure these don’t happen to you!